Compassion Cures The World

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Compassion, according to Buddhism, means the wish for other living beings not to suffer. I’ve been practicing Buddhism for about 6 years, and I genuinely appreciate the power and pragmatism of Buddhism. Today, I’ll share a little about the importance of Compassion in our Burning world.

Covid-19 is causing a lot of negative implications including sickness and death of the people who catch the disease, and anxiety, sadness, isolation, and a host of negative emotions for those who don’t catch the disease. It’s fair to assume that there aren’t really any humans that are not affected by the disease. NOW more than ever, we need compassion, so I want to talk about some things that, if contemplated, can help you become more compassionate.

  1. All living beings have the same mind. What I mean by the is is that although we don’t recognize our similarities, we all have naked, pure awareness…

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Author: Stephen

Neuropsychologist researching what happens when a spiritual practice (meditation) is translated to a psychological intervention; what is lost and what is gained from the curative potential? A PhD candidate writing the scientific history mindfulness. Also researching how compassion and explicitly nondual meditation methods influence our physical and mental health. Stephen has decades of personal practice in spiritual and secular forms of meditation, he has also been trained in the Himalayan Science of Mind and Perception (Tsema). Alongside the teaching and research of nondual methods, Stephen trains his own brain every day with Dzogchen practices.

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