Meditation for students; tackling anxiety, procrastination and motivation

Meditation for students; tackling anxiety, procrastination and motivation
Meditation can offer great benefits to students, helping to tackle anxiety, procrastination and poor motivation

There is a shortage of research investigating how meditation might benefit students in further education (FE) and higher education (HE). This reflects some of the limitations in meditation research generally but also a poor understanding of how the challenges of education are linked to anxiety, stress, procrastination and motivation. Ideally, meditation would offer a panacea, a simple and flexible intervention that could support a wide range of students facing different challenges. Unfortunately, the idea that one simplified form of meditation can solve a wide range of wellbeing challenges, in the general population, is an unscientific view and not currently supported by the available data.

Alternatively, by approaching the subject of student wellbeing from a traditional cognitive perspective a clear meditation strategy does emerge. Peer-reviewed research has identified several constructs that are linked to anxiety, low motivation and procrastination in students. There is a shortage of robust replication of evidence, but we do have clear ideas about why problems such as procrastination, weak motivation and anxiety develop.

Individual and group meditation is currently being run through the Zoom or Teams platforms. If you’d like to particpate get in touch.

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