Mindfulness for students, tackling stress, anxiety and motivation

Mindfulness for students, tackling stress, anxiety and motivation
Mindfulness for students, tackling stress, anxiety and motivation

Over the last decade, mindfulness has often been presented as a low cost and highly flexible solution to a wide range of health and wellbeing problems. The reality tends to be quite different, a few specific forms of mindfulness have been shown to bring some benefits to specific practitioners in certain conditions. It should be remembered that contemporary mindfulness is just one kind of meditation, generally a reduced and limited form, designed for short term use with western secular practitioners. This same principle applies to Mindfulness for Students (MindfS).

One way of categorising Mindfulness for Students (MindfS) is as a short term intervention, created to offer an all-round improvement in wellbeing which can create the conditions for more positive engagement with academic work. By contrast Meditation for Students (MedfS) is a more direct approach which works with those psychological constructs known to be linked to anxiety, poor motivation and procrastination. The available evidence indicates that there are a number of behaviours strongly correlated with obstacles to academic performance. We’re not talking about ability here, rather conditions that impair performance, such as poor motivation, anxiety or a desire to withdraw from even the most basic academic tasks. By working with some of these known negative constructs, the conditions that give rise to academic problems may be reduced significantly.

There are benefits to both approaches, Mindfulness for Students (MindfS) is designed to create a general sense of wellbeing, whereas Meditation for Students (MedfS) has been developed to directly reduce the impact of anxiety, procrastination and poor motivation.  We offer training to individuals and groups throughout Kent and London, Skype tuition is possible in other areas. For details of availability and prices visit the student meditation page or get in touch.


Stephen Gene Morris

Stephen Gene Morris, NeuroscientistBoth Mindfulness for Students and Meditation for Students have been created by Stephen Gene Morris, a meditator with over 25 years of experience of secular and spiritual contemplation. Stephen has taught meditation to hundreds of students in recent years, he holds first class honours in psychology, an MSc in cognitive psychology and neuropsychology, he is a PhD candidate at the University of Kent and an experienced Academic Mentor and Tutor.