Student meditation classes

Student meditation classes in Kent and London
Student meditation classes

Meditation for Health provides specialist meditation and mindfulness services for students. There are two distinct paths, Mindfulness for Students (MindfS) or Meditation for Students (MedfS). Although both practices have been developed for people in higher and further education they use different methods.

Mindfulness for Students (MindfS) engages a traditional mindfulness approach, combining mindfulness and nondual compassion to improve wellbeing and build a stable platform from which academic obstacles are more likely to be overcome.

Meditation for Students (MedfS) focusses more directly on the psychological constructs that frequently limit academic engagement such as anxiety, poor motivation and procrastination. The method is based on our peer-reviewed, scientific understanding of self-efficacy, confidence and aversion.

Both individual tuition and group sessions are available. Enquiries are welcome from students and academic institutions. For further details contact Meditation for Health with Meditation for Health or Mindfulness for Health in the subject line.

Stephen Gene Morris

Stephen Gene Morris, NeuroscientistBoth Mindfulness for Students and Meditation for Students have been created by Stephen Gene Morris, a meditator with over 25 years of experience of secular and spiritual contemplation. Stephen has taught meditation to hundreds of students in recent years, he holds first class honours in psychology, an MSc in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, he is a PhD candidate at the University of Kent and an experienced Academic Mentor and Tutor.