Meditation for Health: Brain Renewal Meditation

Better brain health through Brain Renewal Meditation
Brain health is linked to lifestyle factors such as meditation.

Meditation and a healthier brain

Brain Renewal Meditation (BRM) is an evidence-led method, scientifically designed to maintain and increase brain function and structure. Simply put, BRM is a tool to challenge brain ageing and cognitive decline. BRM is part of a wider approach to brain health, brain renewal training. BRM is easy to learn, can offer lifelong benefits and is accessible through online resources or through formal class tuition. It has been specifically designed for people over 40, but it is suitable for adults of any age. The main message of BRM is that…

“with a little effort you can take greater control of what happens to your brain”

Brain health is probably the most important element of human wellbeing, our brain is linked to every aspect of our lives including who we are, how we experience the world and the quality and length of our lifespan.

Cognitive decline is a lifelong process
We don’t have to accept that cognitive decline is inevitable

We know that our mental processing (cognitive function) starts to decline around the age of 30, possibly earlier. Without taking action this process can result is a lifelong decline, the signs of which will be clearly visible when we are in our forties if not earlier.

The number of people currently living with dementia is estimated to be around 50 million worldwide, this figure is expected to almost treble within 30 years. The tragic consequences of the projected increase in dementia sufferers doesn’t take into account conditions such as age-related cognitive decline and mild cognitive impairment.

Take control of your brain health

However, the good news is that there are a number of factors linked to how our brain ages that are within our control. Traditional forms of meditation have long been associated with improved cognitive function, now neuroimaging has demonstrated a relationship between meditation and a younger brain. In a recent study, the brains of regular meditators were found to have ‘aged’ seven years less on average than those of non-meditators at age 50. By combining the known science behind brain renewal with reliable meditation methods, BRM offers a comprehensive and well research brain renewal training system.

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Brain health should be taken seriously across the entire life span.
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Cognitive decline is linked to lifestyle

There is a prevailing attitude in psychology that age-related cognitive decline is natural and inevitable. Whilst it does appear that over time brain structure and function will probably decrease, exactly how and why this happens is still unknown. There is a great deal of evidence that suggests that it might be possible to increase parts of our brain structure even in old age. We also know that not all people experience the same rate of cognitive decline. This all points to a degree of self-determination in brain ageing. Whilst BRM leans heavily on neuroscience and traditional meditation knowledge it also engages with other known catalysts for a health brain such as diet, exercise, toxicity, social engagement, compassion and stress reduction.

BRM has been designed by Cognitive Psychologist and Neuropsychologist Stephen Gene Morris. Stephen has been practising and researching meditation for over 20 years. His expertise rests in understanding the relationship between meditation and the brain, in particular, the ability of compassion and nondual practice to improve health and wellbeing.


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