Meditation classes in Kent

Meditation classes in Kent

Brain Renewal – Meditation classes in Kent

For online brain, renewal tuition click here. We currently hold a regular Wednesday BRM class in Canterbury, it is suitable for adults of all ages but people over the age of 40 will find it particularly beneficial. Although cognitive decline begins in our late 20s, it normally only becomes apparent in our 40s. We welcome invitations to talk publicly about BRM and brain renewal more generally.

“Most adults will be subject to the effects of declining brain function by 45, the nature and pace of decline is linked to how you train your brain.”

Brain Renewal Meditation Email us if you have some specific questions.

Our cognitive functions typically decline from around the age of 30, even earlier for many. The science tells us that by 45, most adults will demonstrate evidence of this decline. There is a general presumption in psychology that as we get older our brain structure and function will ‘naturally’ decrease, resulting in weaker cognitive ability. This idea is not universally accepted, the rate at which the human brain ages is dependent on a number of factors, not least how we use and train our brains. We know that adults in their 60s and 70s are able to augment brain structure through meditation-based training.

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