Online meditation classes

Online meditationclasses
Online meditation classes, when and where you want

Renew your brain when you want where you want

Keeping your brain in the best possible shape is, in our opinion, the most important investment you can ever make. For those people unable to attend a regular class, online meditation provides a convenient way to engage with state of the art meditation technology and highly qualified and experienced teachers. Online BRM is available to anyone with an internet connection in any part of the world.

“Clear indications of brain aging typically manifests in our 40’s, the decline however probably begins ten to twenty years earlier. Age related cognitive decline and more serious forms of neurodegeneration can be challenged, they are not normally just a question of fate or genetics.”

Individual and group meditation is currently being run through the Zoom or Teams platforms. If you’d like to particpate get in touch.

As always email us if you have any concerns. And please post your thoughts and experiences below.

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