Meditation classes in Canterbury


New meditation group commences in Canterbury

The long awaited Brian Renewal Meditation (BRM) classes are taking place in Canterbury. Everyone is welcome but BRM is a method that has been designed with people over 40 in mind. For those living out of the area or not able to attend a class online lessons are also available. Visit the BRM website for full details.

The group is led by Stephen Gene Morris*, an experienced practitioner, teacher and post graduate researcher of compassion and nondual methods of meditation and mindfulness. Compassionate practices have long been associated with improved health and wellbeing, modern scientific enquiry is now endorsing the benefits of these approaches. Regular compassion based meditation can deliver a reduction in stress and anxiety, a greater sense of well being and improved cognitive function. These effects are likely to be correlated with positive changes in the brain itself. Visit the Science of Meditation website if you want to read about the scientific background.

A key element of this approach is the meditation on compassion for self and other, known as nondual compassion. People will be very familiar with the ideas behind this method. There is evidence that compassionate meditation is particularly beneficial in balancing our internal and external oriented mental processes. Helping us to take life’s ups and downs a little more in our stride. The human understanding of these approaches is thousands of years old. But contemporary neuroscience is starting to confirm that  how we see ourselves and others is related to our long term health and happiness.

These are group meditation classes, the cost is £10 for a one hour session, concessions are available. Full training and instructions are provided. No special equipment or clothing is needed.



Stephen Gene Morris, Neuroscientist
Stephen Gene Morris

* In addition to over ten thousand hours of personal meditation practice, Stephen has been trained in western and Himalayan schools of mind and meditation. He holds a first class degree in psychology and an MSc in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. His most recent research has been based on the effect of non dual compassion mind training.