Meditation classes in Canterbury

monk-hands-faith-person-45178.jpegNew classes in Canterbury in May 2018

Meditate in Canterbury

We current have spaces for meditation and mindfulness students in the centre of Canterbury on Wednesday and Friday evenings. We currently offer Contemporary Compassionate Practice (CCP) and Spiritual Compassionate Practice (SCP), both methods are based on traditional practices adapted for a non religious context. These meditation practices include both mindfulness and a non dual view. As their name suggests they are designed to generate a compassionate focus, aimed at leading to improved sense of wellbeing.

Classes are open to everyone over 18 years of age. No experience is necessary and full instruction are provided by a highly experienced meditation teacher.  Classes start at 7pm or 8pm and last for 50 minutes. The cost is £10 per session, £8 concessions.

We are starting a new weekly class in Loving Kindness Practice (CLKP) in May 2018. Places are limited, please contact us for more details.