About meditation in Kent

Meditate for improved health and well being
Meditation for Health and Wellbeing

Meditation for health in Kent

We are a local group directly involved in sharing meditation knowledge and experience as well as teaching meditation methods to individuals and groups. We specialise in three distinct forms of meditation; Contemporary Compassionate Meditation (CCM), Traditional Compassionate Meditation (TCM) and Contemporary Loving Kindness Meditation (CLKM). Between them these three methods offer a platform to access many of the wide ranging benefits known to be connected to meditation. These practices are suitable for people looking to improve their overall wellbeing and address a range of specific issues. We recommend that current and future students of meditation view the potential of meditation practice in broad rather than narrow terms. Whilst many people come to meditation and mindfulness in order to find a solution to a particular problem, the cognitive processes meditation engages with can positively influence many areas of day to day life.

While the recent scientific investigations of meditation and mindfulness are generally welcomed by the traditional meditation community. They have brought some confusion and uncertainty. Scientists don’t always agree over exactly what meditation is, how the process can be operationalised and what experimental findings actually mean. In 2011 a number of Kent based meditation teachers came together with a desire to pool resources and share their knowledge and experience of meditation with anyone that might benefit from it. This aspiration was summed up with a mission statement of:​

“To deliver relevant and reliable meditation information and support to anyone who might benefit from the experience.”

Meditation for Health in Kent (MFHIK) still offers meditation tuition, advice and support, but today it has also become an organisation able to undertake and interpret research. MFHIK founding member and current Director Stephen Gene Morris completed a BSc in psychology and is currently engaged in post graduate studies in cognitive psychology and neuropsychology. He also undertakes meditation based research, teaches meditation and writes and blogs on the subject.

The original members of MFHIK had a background in Buddhist meditation (Stephen has been practicing meditation for more than two decades). However MFHIK is a secular organisation, it doesn’t seek to promote a particular point of view or any religious organisation. Rather it shares impartial and relevant methods and information. Although we draw inspiration and knowledge from traditional spiritual practices, we teach methods able to contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of our students. Our training is suitable for people coming from any kind of spiritual or secular background.

Classes are open to anyone over the age of 18. All the methods we teach are appropriate for beginners but also include elements able to sustain a long-term practice. If you want to know more or attend a class in Canterbury or Medway send us an email. One to one meditation may also be available dependent on resources.