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In a world saturated with meditation and mindfulness podcasts, there is still a shortage of brief, reliable explanations based on science but informed by an understanding of spiritual meditation practice. As a meditation neuropsychologist, I often come across information that is poorly expressed and sometimes misleading.  Given the lack of general understanding of the effects of meditation and mindfulness (mind-training) in society, this is not surprising. This meditation for health broadcasts aims to share reliable ‘bite-sized’ chunks of information; we try to keep each podcast short, typically between five and 10 minutes long, although this does depend on the subject matter.

Meditation for health

We use the Anchor podcasts service, so the voice you hear isn’t that of a meditation scientist, but Stephen Gene Morris has written all the scripts. This library of spoken material is blossoming. Recordings are made to mirror new blog postings and also in response to questions from meditators. We are also in the process of transferring an extensive back catalogue of information about meditation and mindfulness to the podcast format.  We include enough relevant information from science and traditional meditation systems to support the engagement of most practitioners.  Our audience is made up of meditators and teachers; our output tends to reflect these groups’ requirements. If you’re interested in a more ‘hard-core’ scientific approach, you might like to visit The Science of Meditation, which also has a podcast.

Many of our episodes are centred around concerns and questions from meditators just like you, so we welcome your emails about meditation, mindfulness and all forms of mind-training.

Understanding compassion meditation; lifelong health and happiness Meditation for Health

Understanding exactly how your meditation practice works is central to its sucsuccessess.  This episode is also available as a blog post:
  1. Understanding compassion meditation; lifelong health and happiness
  2. What is the nondual view, and why is it important in meditation?
  3. Meditation, cortisol and stress: mindfulness and tonglen methods improve health
  4. What is tonglen meditation and how to practice it
  5. Is nondual meditation good for your health?