Dementia help and advice podcast: how close are we to a cure?

Dementia help and advice podcast. A potential cure for dementia

A cure for dementia?
Claims from Australia that we might be closing in on a cure for dementia

I was tipped off about an Australian documentary that featured a potential cure for different forms of dementia. As unlikely as it seemed I thought I would take a look. The short item was on a regular Sunday night show screened on the Nine Network called 60 Minutes. Rather than comment here, listen to the podcast, then take a look at the Youtube clip. I’d be really interested to know what you think.


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The feature can be viewed on YouTube. Header photo by on

Author: Stephen

PhD candidate in the scientific history mindfulness. Trained neuropsychologist and cognitive psychologist. Private research of how compassion and explicitly nondual meditation methods influence our physical and mental health. Stephen has decades of personal practice in spiritual and secular forms of meditation. Alongside the teaching and research of nondual methods, Stephen trains his own brain every day with Dzogchen based mind training.

One thought on “Dementia help and advice podcast: how close are we to a cure?”

  1. Thanks for this video Stephen. Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Dale Bredesen? He’s getting very striking results with patients already into cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s. His is a multipronged protocol that addresses the many causes of these diseases. Check out his book, if you haven’t already…. The End of Alzheimer’s. I’m a meditator also and was thrilled to find that meditation is part of his protocol.


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